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RE: multiple developers sharing one working directory

From: Noel Yap
Subject: RE: multiple developers sharing one working directory
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 11:21:26 -0700 (PDT)

--- Judy Pearson <address@hidden>
> > Why not use normal Unix logins?
> I'm fairly new to CVS. We had an admin at the start
> (who got laid off - now I'm the admin) who settled
> on this access method. I'm
> afraid I don't understand the question - can you
> elaborate: what method does "normal Unix logins"
> imply and does it imply something
> different for the WinCVS clients than the Unix
> clients?

Normal Unix logins will involve giving users login
accounts on the Unix box.  In order to use CVS, they
will need to be able to remote shell (ie rsh or ssh)
onto the box (eg rsh cvs-server-box).

Their CVSROOT will then be set to
address@hidden:/path/to/repo rather than

The largest difference I can see is on the admin side.
 With pserver, I think you modify files containing
user info.  With Unix logins, you create accounts
which means you'll need to be root (on most systems).

> > > Our shop is in the process of moving from VSS to
> cvs
> > > (yay!). I have a set of Java/jsp programmers who
> > > share development in one
> > > working directory. (They will not be convinced
> that
> > > sharing a directory isn't a good idea.)
> >
> > They may be convinced once they start trying to do
> it.
> >  OTOH, they may be convinced that CVS sucks :-(
> >
> You hit the nail on the head here - cvs is still on
> probation and this group in particular is not happy
> about the move. I'll save
> trying to get them to switch their development
> approach for a later time when they've been
> convinced that CVS can do ANYTHING (well
> anything VSS could do anyway)! ;-)

In order to use CVS without major headaches, they'll
need to change their process.

CVS can't do /anything/ VSS can do (eg it can't do
reserved locking).

I'm curious and I have some questions:
1. Why did the group move from VSS to CVS?
2. Why does the group not like CVS?


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