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RE: WinCVS options

From: Vijay Narayanan
Subject: RE: WinCVS options
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 20:45:40 +0530


This piece i from tells me about how to setup Reserved Locking in
cvs by default. I hope!

# Add the following line to the commitinfo file:

#         ALL /local/location/for/script/lockcheck [options]

# Where ALL is replaced by any suitable regular expression.
# Options are -v for verbose info, or -d for debugging info.
# The %s will provide the repository directory name and the names of
# all changed files.

I am not sure as to what to give in place of ALL. what regular expression
could this be! Also, is there something wrong with the script. I am not
seeing the %s part in the above lines.

Thanks in advance!

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Subject: Re: WinCVS options

> Hi,
> Im not sure if this list will cater to WinCVS problems.
> I have a WinCVS client talking to a CVS Server on Linux.
> I need to be able to configure CVS to tell other developers whenever a
> module is checked out in CVS.
> All my developers are using WinCVS to interact with CVS.
That doesn't really make sense in CVS, since checking out a module
is a trivial act.  Is it really necessary to notify all the developers
whenever anybody gets another copy of the source, or are you looking
for notification when anybody plans to change a file?

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