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Help with understanding tagging

From: Miller Sally S NPRI
Subject: Help with understanding tagging
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 13:47:27 -0400

We are running CVS 1.10 on Solaris 

It looks like I'm seeing a problem with rtag.
cvs history -T 
T 06/06 18:00 +0000 smith   modulename             [June2002:A]
T 06/07 21:13 +0000 jones   modulename             [June2002:A]

Seeing the same name tag on the same module made me concerned.
so I did 
cvs rdiff -s -D 2002-06-06 -D 2002-06-07 modulename
sure enough there was about 10 new file changes.

out of curiosity I did 
cvs rdiff -s -r June2002 -r HEAD modulename
and again there were 20 files that had changes. 
I started looking at the files and they were modified *BEFORE* the rtag was 

Shouldn't the rtag have picked up the new changes?


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