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rtag with revision tags

From: David Koski
Subject: rtag with revision tags
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:38:49 -0700

I am attempting to:

cvs rtag -r INITIAL_REVISION_1_0 -b NEW_BRANCH mymodule

..but I get the error:

cvs [rtag aborted]: no such tag INITIAL_REVISION_1_0

INITIAL_REVISION_1_0 is the release tag supplied to "cvs import" and can be 
seen with the "cvs status -v" command on the checked out copy of mymodule.  
Executing "cvs rtag" without the -r parameter succeeds as does supplying a 
branch tag "-r EXISTING_BRANCH" to "cvs rtag".  Do revision tags not work for 
rtag -r arguments?  If not, do I need to apply a "cvs tag" first?  If so, will 
the tag apply to the repository or just to the sandbox.

David Koski

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