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[Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: [Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:52:43 -0700
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        I've got a CVS repository (cvs 1.11) for a project that was originally 
built by makefiles under Cygwin, but has since been moved to a Windows IDE for
development.  All is generally well, with one problem.  I still check the
files in and out from Cygwin, but the text files now have DOS line ends
instead of Unix.  This is not really a problem, as I use the '-b' switch when
diffing.  However, Cygwin CVS uses vi (Vim) as the editor for checkin comments
(when I don't use -m), leaving Unix line ends on the comment lines, which CVS
leaves as is.  Emacs loads the file in Unix mode if even one line has a Unix
line end, so I get hundreds of lines (all the ones I'm interested in) with ^M
at the end.

        I'm aware that this is not strictly a CVS issue, but I believe that 
this is the
place where I'm most likely to find someone who has encountered this before,
and perhaps solved it, or at least found a workaround.  I'm wondering what my
best option is.

        I could try to use emacs as my editor for the comments, but I could 
only use
the floating window version (which is a slow load) because I use scrollbars in
my Windows consoles, and "emacs -nw" fills the entire buffer.

        If anyone has anything on this, I'd sure like to hear it.



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