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Tracking third-party sources

From: Duncan Higgins
Subject: Tracking third-party sources
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:36:07 +0100

Assuming you've done this (using the example from the Per Cederqvist et al 

   cvs import -m "Import of FSF v. 0.04" fsf/wdiff FSF_DIST WDIFF_0_04

What's the difference between later doing this :

   cvs import -m "Import of FSF v. 0.05" fsf/wdiff FSF_DIST WDIFF_0_05

compared to doing a checkout, untaring (or copying or whatever) into the 
checked out copy and then doing a commit ?

What are the pros and cons of each ?

One would think that the later gives you finer grained control because for 
example you could manually specify for each file whether to save it as binary 
etc. However, is this how it works in practice ? Also, does the former method 
do the equivalent of a 'cvs remove' for files that are no longer in the 
third-party release ?


Duncan Higgins.

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