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RE: [Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]

From: Peter Ring
Subject: RE: [Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 22:57:50 +0200

Which Windows IDE is it?

Emacsen (gnu or X, any platform) are pretty agnostic (ie: accommodating)
wrt. line-ends. A shame some people never get to like emacs; there's also
this very nice VC mode specifically for CVS, pcl-cvs, which is my primary
GUI interface to CVS.

On Windows, I use also the command line (cygwin) and occasionally WinCVS,
TortoiseCVS, tkcvs, or jCVS.

WinCVS can be told to behave globally (per installation) to treat 'text'
Unix-style or DOS-style. For me, this setting depends on which other CVS
clients must be used in sandboxes on that machine, since CVS clients are
rather unforgiving about the administrative files (in CVS subdirs in the

TortoiseCVS is becomming popular, I guess mainly because it's easy to get
going for users that loathe command lines, and it's easy on the CVS admin
wrt. support because it's 'just there' where people need it (it works as a
shell extension to Explorer), and comes with a ssh client integrated. But
text files (the administrative files, actually) must be DOS style for
TortoiseCVS to work.

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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Mike Ayers
Sent: 12. juni 2002 05:08
To: Eric Siegerman
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Subject: Re: [Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]

Eric Siegerman wrote:

> My wording was imprecise.  I meant "get CVS to start taking them
> out, as it's @#(! well supposed to do".  There's no way to tell
> CVS to do this; it's supposed to just happen.

        Hmmm - if it's "supposed to just happen", then that may explain it.
Specifically, I am checking in DOS format files from a Unix format
environment, so I suspect that my (Unix format compiled) CVS client just
assumes that I have Unix format files and does no conversion, as it would
need to, ordinarily.  Your discussion of CVS internals in this regard
this theory, if I read it correctly.  Then the answer would be to use WinCVS
after all, which would canonicalize the line ends for me, yes?


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