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Re: [Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: [Fwd: CVS, Cygwin, IDE and Emacs]
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 16:14:23 -0700
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Peter Ring wrote:
Which Windows IDE is it?

        TI's Code Composer.  It's an MSVC clone for DSP development.

Emacsen (gnu or X, any platform) are pretty agnostic (ie: accommodating)
wrt. line-ends. A shame some people never get to like emacs; there's also
this very nice VC mode specifically for CVS, pcl-cvs, which is my primary
GUI interface to CVS.

I do my major editing with Emacs, or else I wouldn't be having this problem. TICC canonicalizes line ends, while Emacs doesn't and can't be forced to (according to my reading of the docs, YMMV).

On Windows, I use also the command line (cygwin) and occasionally WinCVS,
TortoiseCVS, tkcvs, or jCVS.

Oy! I'm using Cygwin and also have a copy of WinCVS, which I'd use if I could find the manual.

WinCVS can be told to behave globally (per installation) to treat 'text'
Unix-style or DOS-style. For me, this setting depends on which other CVS
clients must be used in sandboxes on that machine, since CVS clients are
rather unforgiving about the administrative files (in CVS subdirs in the

The problem here is that Unix line ends are on checkin comments are being left as-is when added to DOS line end files. I'm handling this by deleting all in-file logs, as often suggested.

TortoiseCVS is becomming popular, I guess mainly because it's easy to get
going for users that loathe command lines, and it's easy on the CVS admin
wrt. support because it's 'just there' where people need it (it works as a
shell extension to Explorer), and comes with a ssh client integrated. But
text files (the administrative files, actually) must be DOS style for
TortoiseCVS to work.

Then I'll avoid it, if only because I think that hex dumping files I can't understand to parse their line ends just shouldn't be necessary.


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