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RE: question about pserver

From: Patrick Nelson
Subject: RE: question about pserver
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 08:52:35 -0700

address@hidden wrote:
> I just want to verify what I've read because it seems wrong.  
> When on a remote unix host, the successfully logged in user always has to
> type
>       cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/usr/local/cvs co -c
> They can't just type "cvs co -c"?  
The question is, which repository?  CVS has to know where it is
accessing, and by which method.  There are three ways to do this,
in order of precedence:

1.  If you specify the CVSROOT information with the "-d" option,
as above, then CVS will use that.

2.  If you don't use "-d", but are in a directory that is CVS-controlled,
CVS will go where that directory was checked out from.

3.  If neither of the above applies, CVS will use your CVSROOT
environment variable.

If you are doing a "cvs co -c" on a repository that you have neither
checked out something from, nor have set as your default with the
CVSROOT environment variable, then you are going to have to
temporarily change CVSROOT or use the "-d" option.

Just a matter of how CVS will know where to go.

I have multiple repositories on multiple servers that I have to work from.
Not sure if this is similar to the question, but thought I would throw it

What I do is set a variable in .bashrc and then assign an alias for the
setting of that variable (export CVSROOT=<said variable>).  I've gotten use
to always setting the repository prior to checking out.  Once your checked
out, cvs know where it came from. 

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