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Re: Password authentication not working

From: Norberto Meijome
Subject: Re: Password authentication not working
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 16:48:08 +1000
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Hi Mike,
I'd say that WinCVS is using your cached password, kept in the .passwd file , directory depending on your local settings.

You can log out by doing
Admin Menu -> Logout

Admin menu -> login

there's an option in global preferences to log you out automatically. check Wincvs Manual.


Mike Hayden wrote:

I am using WinCvs v1.2 as the client and am running the cvspserver v1.11 on
a Linux
(RH v7.2)box.

When I access the repository using WinCvs it does not ask me for

Yet when I attempt the same thing using an earlier version of WinCvs (1.0.6)
it asks for username/password each time I try and operate on the repository
(log, status, graph etc...).

Can someone tell me why the later version is working differently.

Thanks in Advance,

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Norberto Meijome
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