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WinCVS Notifications

From: Vijay Narayanan
Subject: WinCVS Notifications
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:52:44 +0530


Is there someway that winCVS can be made to indicate across all clients,
that a particular file is being worked on. As in, when Developer A is
working on fileA.c, and has changed it in his local machine, the WinCVS
client on his machine will show a red icon for that file. This indication is
not reflected across all clients that might want to work on fileA.c.

I have configured CVS to notify other users whenever a file is committed
into CVS, but here, the users need to know by looking at their WinCVS
clients that a particular file is being modified by someone else.

I tried giving the cvs edit -c in the command line of my wincvs but im not
sure how that works. and also do i need to issue Admin->Command Line (that
contains the cvs edit command) before i start working on my files.


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