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update -j ignoring whitespace

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: update -j ignoring whitespace
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:04:37 +1000

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could suggest how to do a merge using update -j,
while ignoring case changes and whitespace.

for a single file, i can use:

cvs diff -c -i -w -rTAG1 -rTAG2 file.cls > patch.txt

patch file.cls patch.txt

but obviously this is clumsy for multiple files. i tried running patch with
the output of rdiff but it didn't work (i was hoping would just magically
work, but i figured out all it stores in the patch file is unix folder names
like /proj/folder1/folder2 from the repository, not from my pc. so, somehow,
patch would have to automagically decode the proj/folder1 and work out in
this case it meant c:\prog\projects\proj_v4\folder1 because i was in the
proj_v4 directory at the time. or something. in any case, i ran it and it
told me about lots of chunks that were ignored (or something equally
emotive, I can't remember the exact error)

has anyone in windows with native exe (not cygwin) unix tools got patching
with rdiff generated files to work?

Alternatively, it would be great for update -j to have some options, like -i
and -w (from diff), since i'm guessing internally it's just calling diff
anyway and applying the patch that generates to each file in the current
folder. to my eye, the only tricky part would be working out what to label
the command-line parameters. or am i mistaken?


matthew herrmann

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