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Re: changing log message

From: david
Subject: Re: changing log message
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:32:26 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi,
> Trying to modify log, using cvs admin -m. Since the
> log message contains multiple lines I have put the
> contents in a file and used the following commmand.
> cvs admin -m 1.2:"`cat try.txt`"
Is this the exact command that you typed in, cut-and-pasted
from your telnet/whatever session?  It works fine on my
test system.

Alternatively, is there anything odd about try.txt?  Does
it contain any characters the shell or CVS might find
significant (other than newlines, of course)?
> The above command fails with a message
> cvs admin: while processing more than one file:
> cvs [admin aborted]: attempt to specify a numeric
> revision
This means that CVS thought you were processing more than
one file, whereas the command above clearly indicates that
you are working on one file.  Either the command you gave is
not exactly as you typed it, or there's something about
try.txt that isn't working.  Here's the one I used:

This is a sample
two-line commit comment - dht

Please post the one you used.

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