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Selective merging of changes on the vendor branch

From: Duncan Higgins
Subject: Selective merging of changes on the vendor branch
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 19:04:33 +0100

I previously did a cvs import of 'third party code'. I have been making changes 
to the code, and checking these into cvs. I have done another import of the 
'third party code'. I was hoping that I could pick only the parts of this 
latest code that I wanted to merge in with my changes. However cvs asks me to 
merge in all the changes. When a do a 'cvs -n update' it lists all the files 
that have changed on the vendor branch as having to be updated on the main 
trunk. Aren't these two separate
branches of code ? How can I prevent having to merge all the changes on the 
vendor branch ?


Duncan Higgins.

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