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cvs commit failure & lock files

From: David Marshburn
Subject: cvs commit failure & lock files
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 19:04:49 -0400 (EDT)

Hi folks,

I'm having the following problem, and I'm wondering if anyone can shed any
light on it, or offer any suggestions or things to try.  

I have cvs (from the current cygwin distribution) set up on my laptop,
which runs Windows XP.  My repository exists on a unix box and is mounted
to the laptop with IBM-Transarc's AFS client.  I am not using a cvs
pserver; access is controlled by AFS permissions.

I can checkout, update, diff, etc. just fine from the repository.
However, when I try to commit, cvs fails with the following error message:

  $ cvs commit -l
cvs commit: Examining .
Checking in ChangeLog;
/afs/unc/proj/stm/src/CVS_repository/vrpn/ChangeLog,v  <--  ChangeLog
new revision: 1.109; previous revision: 1.108
cvs [commit aborted]: error writing to lock file 

Now, searching through the archives of this list, I found one fellow,
Nitin, who's had exactly the same problem, save that he had cygwin set up
under Windows 2000 and was using OpenAFS client.  I contacted him, and he
hasn't found a solution to the problem yet, either.  (I've appended his
message, of March of this year, below).

I don't believe the problem can be put down to AFS, and I offer the
following support for that claim.  First, I can manually create a file of
the same name as the one cvs failed to create either before or after I try
to commit.  Second, I opened up the AFS permissions on the directory in
question so that anyone could write, etc. files, and commit still failed.
Finally, I have been able to successfully commit from other machines using
this same set-up (and am still able to).

I'm trying to explore now whether the failure is purely on the part of
cvs.  Can anyone comment on why cvs would have this error, or how I could
get cvs to give me such information?  

I've found no particular documentation for this error on the web, etc.,
but would welcome any correction to an oversight on my part.



Return-Path: <address@hidden>
From: Nitin Chandrachoodan <address@hidden>
Subject: CVS/AFS/Win2k: commit fails
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:18:10 GMT


I am having a problem using CVS (from Cygwin 1.3.6) on a 
Windows 2000 machine. The main repository is on our campus 
AFS servers, and I have the OpenAFS client 1.2.2b from installed on the Windows machine to 
access AFS. Since it is on Cygwin, I have 
where X: (under Windows) mounts the parent directory of the 
CVS repository.

I am able to check out the module that I need. CVS update 
also works, and pulls in changes made by others. But if I 
make a change and try 'cvs commit', I get the message -

/cygdrive/x/cvs/src/makefile,v  <-- makefile
new revision: 1.7; previous revision: 1.6
cvs [commit aborted]: error writing to lock file 

and the commit fails.

I was previously using CVS over ssh, with CVSROOT=:ext: etc, 
and it was working fine. Even now, if I check out a copy 
with CVSROOT set with :ext, it works, and commit works, and 
everything is OK, but of course, it is inconvenient because 
I need to keep entering my password for ssh (we have a 
strange mixture of ssh and AFS here that makes it a little 
difficult to do passwordless logins with SSH).

I need to stick with the Cygwin version of CVS because of 
other considerations in the lab.

Any ideas on what might be the problem? I tried the command 
'touch /cygdrive/x/cvs/src/,makefile,'
from a Windows bash shell, and this works, so it is not a 
problem with write permissions.

Thanks in advance,

DSP Lab, Univ of Maryland

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