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VSS -> CVS: shadow folder feature?

From: Matthew . van . Eerde
Subject: VSS -> CVS: shadow folder feature?
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 12:06:07 -0700

I am the de-facto development manager (though I also code a lot) of a shop
that manages a couple of website.  We currently use Visual Source Safe and
I'm looking at moving to CVS as a more cross-platform solution.  However,
our setup currently uses test sites that point to the developers' "local"
directories (they use a shared local directory on the test server) and we
point the live sites to a "shadow" directory which Visual Source Safe
automatically populates with the highest checked-in revision of each
document.  I have browsed Cenderqvist and I don't see any way to configure a
CVS server to automatically update a "shadow" or "build" or "latest"
directory with the highest version of every file.  Is there a way to do

Matthew van Eerde
Software Engineer
Hispanic Business Inc.
805.964.4554 x902

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