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RE: Extracting removed files

From: Thomas Tuft Muller
Subject: RE: Extracting removed files
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:58:56 +0100


You're absolutely right - the files have (mistakenly) been removed from the
branch as well. How do I extract the latest revisions of the files in the
module before removal? I know I can check out each file individually based
on revision number, but is it an easier way?




| Thomas Tuft Muller writes:
| >
| > I'm probably misunderstanding something here, but anyway; how
| do I get the
| > latest revision of the files in the removed module _based on the given
| > branch_?
| You check out the module specifying the branch name as the revision to
| check out (cvs co -r branch module).  If that doesn't work, then either
| the files *were* removed from the branch or you're doing something
| wrong.  If you're running a recent version of CVS, you can use the "cvs
| rlog" command to get a log of one of the files which would help to
| figure out what's going on.
| -Larry Jones
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