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Re: generating patches

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: generating patches
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:47:34 -0400
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ppotter wrote:

Hi. I am trying to generate a set of patches for a set of files. I retrieved the set of files from the sourceforge project and made some modifications, which included adding completely new files. When I tried to generate a patch listing with cvs diff -RN I got everything except the new files. These were listed at the top of the diff/patch list with '?' marks. I then found out that I have to cvs add these files. My problem is that when I try to add I get an error that says I need write access to the repository. I don't want to write to the "real" repository, just my local copy so that I can generate a patch file. How do I get cvs to add only to my local copy?

Any help would be appreciated.


That's TODO item #200 in the TODO file from the top level of the CVS source distribution if you'd like to submit a patch.

The workaround is to add the line:

/<filename>/0/dummy timestamp//

to the CVS/Entries file under the directory containing the filename you wish to add, where `<filename>' is replaced with the name of the file to be added, of course. If you'd like to submit a script which does the above, in lieu of patching CVS for the time being, I'd check that in too.



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