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From: Fran Fabrizio
Subject: cvsweb
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 11:33:22 -0400
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What's the current status of cvsweb?

I see that in the README Henner Zeller notes that he's not a perl programmer and that he suggests it be rewritten. Has anyone done this yet? Perhaps in a mod_perl flavor? I see that FreeBSD maintains a slightly improved copy, but having just spent 8 hours of quality time with the code trying and failing to add two fairly minor enhancements, I'm seeing the need for the rewrite loud and clear. I'd probably be able to put together something mod_perl (with some sanity injected so that there's not lots of duplicated code, global variables, lack of clear encapsulation of functionality as is the current state) if someone else hasn't already done it. I appreciate that this tool even exists, and kudos to Henner for being able to even navigate it! =), but it needs some TLC desperately. Has anyone already fixed this up?


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