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RE: WinCVS & puTTY/plink ???

From: Douglas Finkle
Subject: RE: WinCVS & puTTY/plink ???
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 17:00:01 -0400

> Michael D. Schleif wrote:
>  > WinCVS hangs.  It took me too long to realize that the 
> plink cli leaves
>  > open a dos window.  Until I close that window, the last 
> command hangs
>  > and I cannot continue with any other cvs commands.
>       Strictly speaking, this is not a WinCVS issue - it is a Windows
> issue.  I have tripped over this before.  Try using a Windows batch
> file, say PLINK.BAT:

I question that this should be necessary. I've been using WinCVS (1.2)
along w/ PuTTy/Plink for quite some time now w/ no additional DOS window,
and no need for a batch file.

The only difficulties I experienced was that the PuTTY does not seem to
eat client keys generated by my SSH2 server (commercial version). In order
make the connection work I had to use the puttygen program.


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