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permissions prooblems with CVS repository

From: Johnson, Susan
Subject: permissions prooblems with CVS repository
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 12:00:19 -0700

We have a single CVS repository and multiple projects using that

There have been on-going problems with new users and CVS. Basically
CVS creates the directories and files of the user who adds them with the
default group of the user.

This creates problems when someone who is in another group tries to check
out a repository.

Two proposals have come forth so far:

1. To have 1 group, cvsuser and anyone who intends to use cvs would be part
   of that group and this would be their default group. If they need to
   temporarily be in another group, they can use the newgrp command.

2. Have a seperate group for each repository. In other words there would
   be a pegs group, a hds group, a server group, a rave, mars, ...
   Then, when you want to work on that repository (check out, add, com,...)
   you would have to newgrp to that group

I want to maintain a single repository, with multiple users in different
groups using it. What is the best way to achieve this? We are working in
a Solaris 2.8 UNIX environment.

Thank you


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