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Re: Adding and Committing multiple new directories and files to a n exis

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: Adding and Committing multiple new directories and files to a n existing CVS repository
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 13:15:33 -0700
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Reinstein, Shlomo wrote:
Why not consult the CVS manual?
"cvs import" is what you're looking for, if I understand your question

This is only correct if one wishes to add directories and files that are not intermixed with one's existing archive, i.e. if I add a number of directories within my archive, complete with new files, the time will come to add and commit them all. Doing an import is probably not apropriate for this, unless I misunderstand import.

I am using WinCVS, which has, I think, an excellent method of adressing the problem. It does not permit gang-adding directories, and follows the CVS convention of ignoring directories which have not been added to the archive (you can see them, but their contents will not appear in flat mode). This keeps test directories out of the picture, and is therefore, IMHO, a Good Thing. There is, however, a tree view of the directories on the left side, which you can navigate through and quickly add your new archive directories one by one.

Once that is done, you can select the top of your project and choose /flat mode/, which shows all files in archive directories below your current point. From there, you can select a view which shows only unknown files, and select the ones you want (shift-clicking and control-clicking is properly supported, as is ctrl-A), and add them (there are buttons for add and add binary, so you can ctrl-click your binaries, add 'em binary, then ctrl-A to select all, ctrl-click to remove files that are not to be archived, and hit the add button - voila!). Finally, you can, still in flat mode, select a view which shows all commitable files, ctrl-A, and hit the commit button.

Not exactly what was asked for, but probably what is desired. If the OP is on Unix, try gCVS from the same folks at



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