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Re: Adding and Committing multiple new directories and files to a n exis

From: Vaibhav Goel
Subject: Re: Adding and Committing multiple new directories and files to a n existing CVS repository
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 05:57:18 -0700

Thanks for the reply.  I created a test repository and tried the import method 
as Shlomo suggested but it does not seem to work correctly.  Unfortunately, 
using a GUI client is not possible and also I would like to script this 
operation.  Still looking for ideas?  Anyone have any?

On Wednesday 07 August 2002 13:15, Mike Ayers wrote:
> Reinstein, Shlomo wrote:
> > Why not consult the CVS manual?
> >
> > "cvs import" is what you're looking for, if I understand your question
> > correctly.
>       This is only correct if one wishes to add directories and files that
> are not intermixed with one's existing archive, i.e. if I add a number
> of directories within my archive, complete with new files, the time
> will come to add and commit them all.  Doing an import is probably not
> apropriate for this, unless I misunderstand import.
>       I am using WinCVS, which has, I think, an excellent method of adressing
> the problem.  It does not permit gang-adding directories, and follows
> the CVS convention of ignoring directories which have not been added
> to the archive (you can see them, but their contents will not appear
> in flat mode).  This keeps test directories out of the picture, and is
> therefore, IMHO, a Good Thing.  There is, however, a tree view of the
> directories on the left side, which you can navigate through and
> quickly add your new archive directories one by one.
>       Once that is done, you can select the top of your project and choose
> /flat mode/, which shows all files in archive directories below  your
> current point.  From there, you can select a view which shows only
> unknown files, and select the ones you want (shift-clicking and
> control-clicking is properly supported, as is ctrl-A), and add them
> (there are buttons for add and add binary, so you can ctrl-click your
> binaries, add 'em binary, then ctrl-A to select all, ctrl-click to
> remove files that are not to be archived, and hit the add button -
> voila!).  Finally, you can, still in flat mode, select a view which
> shows all commitable files, ctrl-A, and hit the commit button.
>       Not exactly what was asked for, but probably what is desired.  If the
> OP is on Unix, try gCVS from the same folks at
>       HTH,
> /|/|ike


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