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RE: twisted CVS

From: Brandon Brinkley
Subject: RE: twisted CVS
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:52:02 -0500

> > 1. Can CVS be made more hack-proof (e.g. owner
> > permissions on RCS files in
> > the CVSROOT)?
> Depending on how much protection you want, you can:
> 1. Use the usual file permissioning to prevent
> unwanted people from reading/writing to the
> files/repository.
> 2. Use POSIX ACLs to prevent unwanted people from
> reading/writing to the files/repository.
> 3. Use SSH to force users to use CVS to access the
> repository.

Can the repository be chowned and chmoded without causing problems?  Also,
do you suspect this will affect WinCVS usage in any way?

> > 2. Can tags be made permanent (no deletions or
> > reuse)?
> I think there might be a patch out there for this.
> OTOH, since tags reside within the RCS files, you'll
> need to manage the RCS file access as well.

I'll look for it.  And yes, this was one of the reasons I asked the first

> > Based on what I've read, I don't expect either
> > exercise to be a trivial
> > undertaking, but I'd be very interested in hearing
> > success stories, ideas,
> > possible approaches, etc.
> It really depends on exactly what you want to do.  Can
> you be a little more specific in your requirements?
> Noel

The big picture is that management has decided to improve control over the
development lifecycle (and for those familiar with the analogy, shopkeepers
from the Bazaar have been recruited to build Cathedrals).  I have to
determine if CVS (already in use) is still the most appropriate choice based
on the company's new goals.  Caveat: I have to minimize the customization to
any tool I evaluate, so as not to cross the line between 'build' and 'buy'.


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