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FW: How do I run cvs as server on Win2K?

From: Cummings, Charles (Debt Markets Technology)
Subject: FW: How do I run cvs as server on Win2K?
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:14:48 -0400

Please ignore last post!  I was looking at the wrong cvs product - as Anders 
indicated, cvsnt is what I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, due to security I cannot download files with ".exe" extensions - 
is there an ftp site where I can download the below mentioned version from, or 
somewhere with a zip version so I don't
have the security problem?

Thanks again,


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From: Anders Truelsen [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 1:59 AM
To: Cummings, Charles (Debt Markets Technology); address@hidden
Subject: RE: How do I run cvs as server on Win2K?

Hi Charles 

If you want to run a cvs server on Win2K you should pick up the latest
build ( Build 57g) of CVSNT at


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From: Cummings, Charles (Debt Markets Technology)
Sent: 13. august 2002 23:46
To: 'address@hidden'
Subject: How do I run cvs as server on Win2K?

Greetings -

I've installed v. 1.10 on win2k successfully in that I can define
modules, check in and out, etc., all from the command line.  I'm trying
to access my repository on the same computer using jcvs, but
get the following:

  Opening server 'address@hidden'
  Failed to open 'address@hidden'

1. Is this possible (i.e. use jcvs to access cvs on a win2k computer
locally and remotely)?
2. If it is possible, do I need to do anything specific to getting cvs
to run as a server? The documentation discusses unix configuration, but
I didn't notice anything specific to running a windows
3. How are settings such as port configured (default port implies to me
that it can be changed if desired).

I've tried the ip address as well as the computer's network name, all to
no avail (same basic error message).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - will move everything to Linux or
Solaris as soon as possible, but at moment am stuck with above mentioned

Charles Cummings

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