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Re: Recursive behaviour of CVS

From: david
Subject: Re: Recursive behaviour of CVS
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 10:27:50 -0500 (CDT)

> Dear List Members
> I would like to take advantage of the recursive features of CVS to tag
> files.
> My intention is to tag a subdirectory of a software product e.g. rel-1-0, to
> copy new or modified files to the subdirectory and to tag the subdirectory
> again e.g. rel-2-0. This will permit me to switch between the two releases
> of software in the directory and will facilitate the updating of software on
> a live system.
Your wording sounds off here, and I'd like to make sure there isn't
a problem.  You mean "to copy new or modified files to the subdirectory"
and then committing, don't you?  Or at least having a working directory
full of files that are already checked in?  CVS tags do nothing about
local modifications.
> e.g.
> Software Product
>     SubDir
>        SubSubDir
> Tagging the SubDir allows me to switch between software releases in the
> SubDir but does not change the software release in the SubSubDir.
> I have tried using the -R command to force recursion, I have also tried the
> -f command to request that options from the .cvsrc file are ignored.
This would suggest to me that there's another problem, not just CVS
recursive behavior.

Does SubSubDir exist in both releases?

Exactly what are you using to switch.  I'd assume "cvs update -r TAG";
is this the case?

If you could provide a list of commands to produce this behavior,
that would be useful.

> I am using the jCVS client to tag and commit the files.
I believe jCVS is a client only, and therefore is merely passing along
the tag and commit commands (along with assorted other information).
What version of CVS are you running, and on what server?

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