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Help with tags

From: Mullican, Catherine
Subject: Help with tags
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 11:17:12 -0700

I suspect the root problem is that I'm not thinking in the CVS paradigm --
I'm a programmer with a timeshare in the CM hat, here, not a CM person.  

So here's what happened:

All the files included in our release are tagged v4_4_1_0 at the
appropriate revision.
Files modified since that time which should be included in the
release are tagged v4_4_1_1 -- but only changed files are currently tagged.

We need to be able to 
a) revert a system to
b) upgrade it to

But now it seems we can only get the v4_4_1_1 tagged files, and the ones
without the tag are removed.  We've tried both cvs up -r <tag> and cvs up -j
<old> -j <new>.  

And to make matters worse, we can't seem to go back to anymore, even
after a cvs up -A.  All the files are still being removed from the working
directory.  They look OK in CVS via the web interface.

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