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Deployment Question

From: David Morsberger
Subject: Deployment Question
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 10:37:53 -0400
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We management our software baseline using CVS. The development process is
very standard but the deployment process is not. We normally have to make
numerous changes to our baseline to fit within the customers infrastructure.
The locations where we deploy our software do not have access to our CVS

We are looking for a good way to merge the changes we make at the customer
location with the development baseline at our facility.

We currently create a branch (rel_sitex) and and deliver a tarred up
cvsroot. We then checkout the files from the branch at the customer
facility. We then try to merge the baselines together at our facility. We
have tried numerous ways (replacing cvsroot, manually merging, ...) We are
in the process of evaluating the idea of treating the new software as a
vendor import.

The questions are:

Are we on the right track for merging the baselines?

Is there a better way to merge the baselines?

I am sure we are not the first ones to run into this problem.


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