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Re: sync repositories

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Re: sync repositories
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 15:09:21 -0400
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On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 12:50:06PM -0700, Paul Sander wrote:
> Each site owns its own trunk.  Each site creates a branch that is used for
> importing from the other site(s); these branches map to the trunk(s) at the
> remote site(s).  No local commits are permitted on the import branches.
> Each site keeps a list of branches to export to the other site(s), and
> tracks the latest exported versions on each export branch.
> To send an update from a remote site, the latest exported versions table and
> the export branch table are consulted, and all versions that have never
> before been exported are packaged up and sent (and the tables are updated
> as needed).  Tags are also sent out in an appropriate manner.
> To receive an update, the received versions are checked into the import
> branch(es) as needed, and the tags are translated accordingly.

I just had an eeevil thought.  You're gonna cringe, I know, but
bear with me :-)

On system A, use a version of CVS which stores its metadata in
subdirectories called "CVS_A"; on System B, store the metadata in

Now, on System A, CVS won't recognize System B's metadata; it'll
revision-control CVS_B/Entries etc. like any other files.  And
vice versa.  Thus, one should just be able to keep ping-ponging a
single sandbox back and forth between the two systems (via email,
FTP, sneaker-net, whatever), and each system will use its own
metadata to stash the new revisions in the right place.

The systems in question had better have the same line-ending
conventions, of course...

Does anyone know whether CVS can still withstand having CVSADM
and friends defined to different values, or has "CVS" gotten
hard-coded anywhere?  (I know of one place; the ign_default
string in src/ignore.c.  That'd have to have "CVS" removed, and
CVSADM added dynamically to the default ignore list.)


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