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RE: Make cvs ignore some changes in files

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: RE: Make cvs ignore some changes in files
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 10:15:31 -0400

At 07:06 AM 8/22/2002 -0700, Noel Yap wrote:
Have you tried:
1. Version control the generated file.

Yes, I version control a canonical form of the generated file.

2. Build the generated file if the necessary tools are

The tool does this without asking when it is run. It's a GUI, though, so it doesn't run in an automated (no manual intervention) build.

3. Copy the generated file to a place where the rest
of the build will use them.

A simple copy won't work. The file has to be version controlled with the other files in the directory. See my previous message.


Fred Brehm, Sarnoff Corporation, address@hidden

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