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Rollback commits ???

From: Michael D. Schleif
Subject: Rollback commits ???
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 11:48:10 -0500

OK, I erroneously committed a tree that included files that should not
be in repository.

I tried to extract the correct files from a tgz archive onto the
offending files, then commit; but, on checkout, the bad files are
checked out.

Is this because the file dates for the good (old) files are older than
file dates on bad files?

Well, long story short, I tried various unsuccessful methods and now am
several commits into garbage ;<

How can I roll back these last several commits?

How can I clean up this mess?


Best Regards,

mds resource

Dare to fix things before they break . . .

Our capacity for understanding is inversely proportional to how much we
think we know.  The more I know, the more I know I don't know . . .

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