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a question about defining modules

From: Isaac Claymore
Subject: a question about defining modules
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 16:04:54 +0800
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Hi folks,
    I tried the following line in CVSROOT/modules:
      foo-1.0        -a      -r Release-1-0-branch foobar
  in hope that when I 'co foo-1.0', I'd get the Release-1-0-branch
  branch, since I had thought that CVS would do a simple textual
  substitution on alias modules, but it turned out not. 
    My situation is: 3 projects, A, B and C, share a common library
  X. They all need to make changes to libX, so I forked 3 branches
  from libX main trunk: branch-A, branch-B and branch-C. The result is
  every time I 'co A', I'd also 'co -r branch-A libX'. Some simple
  client-side scripting will facilitate the process, but I don't wanna 
  handle the varieties of my team members' platforms, thus I hope to
  find some server-side trick to do it.
    Any hint or suggestion is greatly appreciated ;)



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