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Re: CVS notifications with meaningfull subject

From: Thomas S. Urban
Subject: Re: CVS notifications with meaningfull subject
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 13:01:33 -0700
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On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 07:02:44 +0200, Piet Verhoeve sent 0.5K bytes:
> We are successfully using the CVS watch option for monitoring common
> modules. In order to reduce the amount of emails the user has to open, I
> would like to send out notifications that have a variable subject line (e.g.
> the username or filename) instead of sending out notifications with the
> information stored only in the body of the mail.
> Any ideas ?

It's pretty easy with a script called by the notify mechanism, here are
some bits pruned out of the script I use (below).  Something to start
with - further refinement is an exercise in perl (or whatever language),
not really a CVS question.

---------- begin ----------

$CVSROOT = '/YOURCVSROOT';           # config

$watcher_address = shift @ARGV;      # watch is single arg

@cvs_input = <>;                     # parse notify info passed in on stdin

chomp @cvs_input;                    # remove newlines

shift @cvs_input;                    # skip a line
shift @cvs_input;                    # skip a line

$module = shift @cvs_input;          # better place to get module
$module =~ s/Triggered (\w+) watch on $CVSROOT\///;

$file =~ s/^$module //;
$line = shift @cvs_input;            # changed by - should be the same
($nop, $changer) = split (' ',$line);# as the email sender

$rlog_file = $CVSROOT . '/' . $module . '/' . $file . ',v';

# then do something with this info, e.g., put the changer, file, and
# module in the subject line:
open (MAIL, "| mail -s '$changer changed $file in $module' $watcher_address");
print MAIL "interesting things can be done by looking at the rcs file\n";
close MAILINP;

---------- end ----------

Make sure CVS is set up to use the script, for starters:

---------- begin CVSROOT/notify ----------
---------- end CVSROOT/notify ----------

Nobody knows the trouble I've been.

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