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From: Ravish A.S
Subject: RE: CVS vs VSS
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:05:50 +0530

Thanks ,
          But I think in CVS has lot more advantages than this. Basically
on security , on branch concept  etc. I thought some one must know all
advantages and disadvantages over VSS.  

Ravish A S

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> From:         Anand Koppal [mailto:address@hidden 
> Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 10:49 AM
> To:   Ravish A.S
> Subject:      RE: CVS vs VSS
> CVS and WinCvs differ from Visual Source Safe (VSS) in many ways. 
> The most apparent difference may be that CVS does not require users to
> lock the files they are working on, as VSS does by default. In fact, the
> CVS documentation even encourages users not to use file locking. In the
> rare occation where several people have changed the same file at the same
> time, CVS will normally be able to merge their changes. If two or more
> developers have changed the same few lines, CVS will report a conflict,
> insert directives in the file, and leave it to the developers to decide
> what to do. Such conflicts are very rare, as they normally occur as a
> result of lacking communication between the developers (eg. two people
> trying to fix the same problem). 
> Another important difference is that VSS gives you a server view, while
> WinCvs shows a client view. In practice this means that, unlike VSS,
> WinCvs will not tell you about changes in the repository until you do an
> update, or explicitely query the status of selected files. Changes
> reported in the file view of WinCvs reflect modifications done by you
> after the last checkout, update or commit. 
> CVS is not as "visual" as VSS. When using WinCvs, it becomes quite clear
> that CVS was a command line driven program for many years before someone
> decided to encapsulate it in a GUI. Some of us prefer the simplistic
> approach of WinCvs, which may give a feeling of control for experienced
> users. Others will hate it. If you're one of the haters, feel free to
> improve the program and contribute your changes back to the community. :-)
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> Ravish A.S
> Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 10:08 AM
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> Subject: CVS vs VSS
> Hi,
>    I have recently moved to CVS but before I was well touched with VSS. I
> feel usage is bit for new users.
> But what are the main list of difference b/t these two systems.
> Regards,
> RUSH...:)
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