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Diff by branch tag and date

From: Simon Conrad-Armes
Subject: Diff by branch tag and date
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 14:06:02 +0200
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Hi, does anyone know the current status of this feature of CVS?

Make a checkout of a branch.
cvs co -r Feature1 module
cd module

Then you want to generate a diff, to see the changes since a specific date on the branch.
cvs diff -d'2002/07/24'

...however, this does not yield the expected result. Instead, cvs provides a diff between the trunk on that date and your local copy.

Some old patches exist for cvs diff -r 'branch:date' ... style diff, but nothing current. Is this enourmouslt useful feature still in planning? Has it been merged into the cvs release, but under a different mechanism? Spent hours scouring and google; cannot believe this is still missing.

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