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Re: Problem with CR in cvs log.

From: Apostolos Manolitzas
Subject: Re: Problem with CR in cvs log.
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 10:33:35 +0300
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Larry Jones wrote:

Apostolos Manolitzas writes:
I use cvs 1.11.1p1 in my Linux box (RH7.1). The linux box is the client and the server
uses cvsnt (win2000) on a windows machine.

CVSNT is entirely separate from CVS -- you should probably ask this
question on the CVSNT mailing list (see <>).

cvs server: Logging .
cvs [server aborted]: linefeed expected in C:/cvsrepo/test/file.c,v (got 13)

I think that the problem is obvious and I have read several mails describing the same
The windows use CRLF instead of the LF that the cvs log requires.

That should be irrelevant -- files in the repository are *binary* files,
so the standard line ending conventions don't apply to them.

As far as I understand from the info pages of cvs (Where files are stored within the repository ) the files are stored in RCS format which doesn't mean that are in binary form. Also you can check from the man page to that even for the binary files thereis a specific option in order
to avoid the transformation (info cvs :  Handling binary files ).

something is horribly wrong with CVSNT (which I sincerely doubt) or
someone did something to your repository files with DOS/Windows commands
that treated them as text files and thus corrupted them.

-Larry Jones

Like I'm going to get any sleep NOW. -- Calvin


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