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Re: kserver

From: cc
Subject: Re: kserver
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 13:29:52 +0800
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Larry Jones wrote:

cc writes:
cvs import: Your CVSROOT is set for a kerberos access method
cvs import: but your CVS executable doesn't support it
cvs import: (
cvs [import aborted]: Bad CVSROOT.

But the fact is I compiled cvs with encryption enabled and
with the '--with-krb4' option as well.

Just because you asked for Kerberos doesn't mean you got it -- if
configure couldn't find everything it needed, it would have disabled it.
Did you check the configure output?

'Lo and behold, you're correct. I didn't realize I didn't have kerberos installed
on my system..sillly me. ;)

No, but if you run "cvs foo" it should give you a list of all the known
commands, which at least lets you see if kserver is there or not.
And so it isn't.. oh well, I've got pserver set up at least. Shouldn't be that bad. But will get kserver up as soon as I can.


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