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Sharing files

From: Aad Rijnberg
Subject: Sharing files
Date: 31 Aug 2002 21:32:25 +0200


I want to use a modular approach for settting up a CVS-repository. Unfortunately, I can not get it to work as I want. I have read both the Cederqvist and the Fogel document, but the 'modules' file (which I think must be used for file sharing) is not very extensively explored in both documents.
Can somebody help me to get on the right track?

Suppose a program (prog) that uses 2 modules (mod_1 and mod_2), and one of the modules (mod_2) uses the other (mod_1). Furthermore, for each module I want to check in its own source and header file(s), the resulting library archive (*.a), and the resulting shared object file (*.so).
The .h, .a and .so files are shared to the modules and/or programs that make use of this module.

The working directories (is the correct term 'sandboxes'?) for each module/program would look like:
  |-- .  -> mod_1.[ch]
  |--lib -> mod_1.a   \_ resulting from compilation of Module 1
  \--bin ->  /

  |-- .  -> mod_2.[ch]
  |--inc -> mod_1.h
  |--lib -> mod_1.a  mod_2.a  \_ mod_2.* resulting from compilation of Module 2
  \--bin -> /

  |-- .  -> prog.c
  |--inc -> mod_1.h  mod_2.h
  |--lib -> mod_1.a  mod_2.a
  \--bin ->  prog (executable) >- prog resulting from compilation of Program
>From this it can be seen that mod_1.h, mod_1.a, are needed by both mod_2 and prog.
And mod_2.h, mod_2.a, are only needed by prog.

It is not desired that (copies of) these files are placed in the repository in every module that needs them, and therefore I have been looking for a method to share them.

For the sharing mechanism I tried to use the 'modules' file. The CVS-repository-tree would look like:
  |     |--mod_1
  |     |    |--src -> mod_1.[ch] + mod_1-internal [ch]-files
  |     |    |--lib -> mod_1.a
  |     |    \--bin ->
  |     |--mod_2
  |     |    |--src -> mod_2.[ch] + mod_2-internal [ch]-files
  |     |    |--lib -> mod_2.a
  |     |    \--bin ->
  |     |--prog
  |     |    |--src -> prog.c
  |     |    \--bin -> prog    (executable)

and the 'modules' file I used was:
mod_1_src -d mod_1      Project/mod_1/src
mod_1_h   -d inc        Project/mod_1/src mod_1.h
mod_1_a   -d lib        Project/mod_1/lib mod_1.a
mod_1_so  -d bin        Project/mod_1/bin

mod_1     -d mod_1      &mod_1_src \
                        &mod_1_a   \

mod_2_src -d mod_2      Project/mod_2/src
mod_2_h   -d inc        Project/mod_2/src mod_2.h
mod_2_a   -d lib        Project/mod_2/lib mod_2.a
mod_2_so  -d bin        Project/mod_2/bin

mod_2     -d mod_2      &mod_2_src \
                        &mod_1_h   \
                        &mod_1_a   \
                        &mod_1_so  \
                        &mod_2_a   \

prog_src  -d prog       Project/prog/src
prog_exe  -d bin        Project/prog/bin prog

prog      -d prog       &prog_src  \
                        &mod_1_h   \
                        &mod_2_h   \
                        &mod_1_a   \
                        &mod_2_a   \
                        &mod_1_so  \
                        &mod_2_so  \
The -d option lets you redefine the directory where to put the files/directories following the -d option, so I thought that the above mentioned modules file should work. However, when checking out mod_2 I get the following error message:
cvs checkout: existing repository /usr/local/cvsroot/Project/mod_1/src
              does not match      /usr/local/cvsroot/Project/mod_2/src
cvs checkout: ignoring module mod_2_h
Is this because I make a mistake (misinterpret the meaning of the -d option), or is it a bug in CVS? Probably the former...

Any help is appreciated.

Aad Rijnberg
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