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Re: CVS server process still running long after command is executed

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: CVS server process still running long after command is executed
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 21:06:11 -0700
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Jeeva Sarma wrote:
> Hi all
> I have received no replys for this question whish I
> posted 2 days ago.

        The primary reason for that would be that you gave no information
from which an answer could be derived.  First, check if your server is
set up so that it logs all its output - if not, reconfigure it to do
so (on Unix systems, just use ">" output redirection to file; if you
are using a Windows server, check the manual for that system to see
how, or if, this can be done).

        Once your server logs its output, just do your usual until the
process hangs, then check the log.  If you are on a Unix server, kill
the CVS process (do NOT `kill -9` it!) to flush the file.  Now read
the end of the file - that should give you some idea of what the
problem is.

> Have no one ever faced this problem?Can someone tell
> me atleast the reason for the cvs processes not
> dying?It only happens sometimes,not always.The server
> eventually freezes.

        Sounds like you've got a resource comsumption problem.  Off the top
of my head, I'd guess that the problem is not CVS, but a CVS script
(commitinfo, taginfo, etc.) going infinitely recursive or somesuch.
If you are using scripts, check your process list to see if any of
them are running when CVS hangs.  If so, there's your culprit.


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