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Re: Checkin version numbers

From: david
Subject: Re: Checkin version numbers
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 09:34:38 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi ,
> Need a small clarification...
> I have a file a.c. Currently, the revision number is 1.3.
> If I do a checkin the revision number will become 1.4.
> Suppose, I want the checkin revision to be 1.7 wherein I will checkin 1.4 at
> a later point of time.
> Is this possible? If so,what should I do??
No.  (Well, it is possible to check it in as 1.7, although not
recommended, but you can't then check in 1.4.)

You should treat the revision numbers as purely internal designations,
that you would write down only to find a given revision.  Trying to
keep revision numbers in parallel on several files is frustrating and
futile, given that CVS doesn't associate revision numbers with more
than one file.

Any revisions that you want to assign meaning to should be given
tags instead.  If you want to do some work in parallel, or off to
one side, you should use branch tags.  These do work very well on
multiple files.

Now building a CVS reference site at

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