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Permssion Denied Error on Win98

From: Kane, David
Subject: Permssion Denied Error on Win98
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 11:04:50 -0400


I am trying to check out a project onto a Window98 machine for the first
time.  The checkout fails midstream with a message something like the

  U core/raw/data/
  U core/raw/data/
  cvs [update aborted]: writing core/raw/data/ Permission denied

There are a couple weird symptoms.
        * The project itself is regularly checked out and updated by other
        * If I use the same userid and password that is failing on thw
Windows98 box, it will succeed if I try from an NT or 2000 box
        * I get a similar error message from both the command prompt version
of CVS as well as the WinCVS GUI client
        * If I try multiple times, the error will occur in roughly the same
place, but often not exactly the same place.  Sometimes it fails on a later
file, sometimes on an earlier one.
        * If I try an update, immediately after the partial checkout, I
sometimes get another file or two, but the same error surfaces.
        * The files that it fails on are typically large files that have
been checked in as binary files (10's of MB)

Here are the details of the configuration
        * We are using .passwd on the server for authentication.  The users
have been set-up with CVS-specific passwords.
        * The server is on a solaris box with cvs 1.10
        * The client appears to have plenty of disk space

Any suggestions on what the problem might be?



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