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Re: More locking, sort of

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: More locking, sort of
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 10:24:29 -0700 (PDT)

This is more a permissioning problem than a locking

One way to solve it, as you said, is to use
chmod/setfacl although I would agree that this is the
wrong tool since, in order to perform those
operations, noe would need to own the file and since
archive files are owned by the last person checking it
in, you'd have to be root in order to do this.

An alternative would be to create a commitinfo script.
 I don't know the details of such a script, but I
think I've heard others using one and we use one where
I work -- sorry, I don't have time to look at how our
script works (it may even be reliant on a patch we've


--- address@hidden wrote:
> Hi wizards.  I have what I believe to be a different
> variant of the
> perpetual question about locking.  I have a
> situation where, due to
> persistent problems with some hackers modifying some
> parts of a code
> base without understanding it first, we end up with
> broken code much
> more frequently than is justified.  A potential
> solution being bandied
> about is to lock out write access to certain subsets
> of the CVS tree,
> unlocking only when a change has been thought
> through carefully.
> Obviously, there are political problems at work
> here; it's not
> feasible to beg, borrow, steal, buy, or evolve, a
> better breed of
> hacker. 
> I've looked through the archives, explored the cvs
> admin and edit
> commands, etc, and I don't think they're quite what
> I'm looking for.
> It appears that what I could make it work by
> chmod'ing the files in
> the repository, but that seems like the wrong
> hammer.  In a previous
> life, we used CVS, and I could have sworn there was
> an explicit way to
> lock files, effectively making them read-only, but I
> can't find it
> now; that feature may have been removed (it was cvs
> 9.x, I believe),
> it may have been a hacked version of cvs, or I could
> be
> misremembering.
> Any hints on how to get the effect I'm looking for
> would be greatly
> appreciated. 
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