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question about importing

From: Schwenk, Jeanie
Subject: question about importing
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 11:17:12 -0700

After the original import, why do you have to give the full path in the
repository to where the imported files are to do?  Is it because an import
assumes nothing even when there are CVS directories?

I ask because I just did the second import of vendor code and the result was
not what I expected.  Here's what I did (note: EQC is a directory under

   cvs import -I ! -I CVS -m "Import of Version 2.1.22" EQC Systema

and it created an EQC directory on the same level as SystemaRelease2.1

Removed that offending EQC directory from the repository and did this

   cvs import -I ! -I CVS -m "Import of Version 2.1.22"
SystemaRelease2.1/EQC Systema Version_2-1-22

and this did what I wanted.  I just wanted to understand the "why". 


This is Linux country.  On a quiet night, you can hear NT re-boot. 

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