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Re: Importing a single file

From: Harig, Mark A.
Subject: Re: Importing a single file
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 14:56:45 -0400

>For some reason, my CVS import of a directory tree
>of source files did not work properly, and a few
>of the source (text) files did not get imported
>into the correct directory.  So, I would like
>to fix up the directory tree by 'cvs remove-ing'
>the files from the incorrect directories and
>then 'cvs add-ing' them to the correct directories.
>Is is possible to do this?  In particular, is
>there a means by which I can create the vendor
>branch/tag (1.1.1) and release tag (on revision
> after I have moved the files to the
>correct directories?
>As far as I know, there is no way to do this=20
>other than to use 'cvs import', but I'm
>hoping that I am wrong.  I could create branches
>and tag them, but, by default, this would only
>be on branch 1.1.2.  I would like to create the
>1.1.1 branch and revision so that future
>upgrades will go smoothly.

I found what appears to be the solution to this problem.
It was rather straightforward.  I'm listing it below
in case anyone else should find it useful.

1. Copy the missing file into an empty directory.

2. Import the file using (nearly) the same import
   command as was used to import the rest of the
   directory tree of source files, except that I
   explicitly specified the (sub) directory in the
   CVS repository that the missing file needed to
   be added to as the "REPOSITORY" option that the
   'cvs import' command requires.

   $ cvs import /path/to/missing/file vendor-tag release-tag

3. 'cvs status -v' confirms that the vendor-tag was
   assigned to the branch 1.1.1, and the release-tag
   was assigned to revision on that branch.


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