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Info about project structuring

From: P. Fleury
Subject: Info about project structuring
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:24:45 +0900
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I have been surfing a quite bit to find information about what is important when structuring a project managed in CVS. The project has a pretty clear structure, but I still do not know what these project modules/sub-projects etc. should map to in the CVS world.

We can make a project module map to a CVS module. So that we can checkout only that portion of the project, and not bother about the other parts. Also, with the CVSROOT/modules file, we can define entire projects, which checkout all the necessary thigs, enable some level of module bundling. However, the same could be achieved in making it a single CVS module and playing with Makefile/build.xml files to compile/bundle/run only a portion of the whole.

Where can I find information about the impact of such decision have on the life of a project ? Pros&cons, good and bad experiences welcome :-)


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