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no space on device - import

From: Fredrik Svensson
Subject: no space on device - import
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 13:49:29 +0200 (MEST)


I just had to import (update) a third party source.

While importing the import crashed with "no space left on device"

> cvs -q import -m "Import of NEWVERSION" program Manufacturer NEWVERSION
N path/subdir/file1
N path/subdir/file2
cvs import: ERROR: cannot write file
/home/cvs/REPOSITORY/path/subdir/file3,v: No space left on device
cvs [import aborted]: ERROR: out of space - aborting

What should I do now to save the situation ?

I have tagged the entire tree with the tag before_NEWVERSION.

Should I just import
cvs -q import -m "Import of NEWVERSION" program Manufacturer NEWVERSION_FULL
after I have made space availible ?

and then merge NEWVERSION_FULL and OLDVERSION like usual ?

If I have to move the cvs tree (I did not set it up on this device)
what do I have to think about ?
I will check the faq for this as well.

Thank you


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