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RE: CVS beginners question regarding simple workflow...

From: Riechers, Matthew W
Subject: RE: CVS beginners question regarding simple workflow...
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:50:50 -0400

> From: Zieg, Mark [mailto:address@hidden
> > I have created a version of my project, but now I want to 
> fix a bug in the
> > version. I guess I need to create a branch, but am a little 
> unclear on the
> > correct procedure on how to go about it. Could anyone show 
> me a quick
> > "recipe" on the correct procedure?
> Based on what you described, you shouldn't need to do a 
> branch.  Just fix
> the bug in the appropriate file(s), then re-commit those (files).

There aren't enough details in the original post to really say one way or
the other. If you need to re-release the fixed version and don't mind
getting any new commits since the last release, then you don't need a
branch. On the other hand, branching lets you fix what's broken without
releasing code that may not be ready for prime-time, which is usually what
you want.


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