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RE: CVS commit failure and lock files (under windows with cygwin)

From: Seth Copen Goldstein
Subject: RE: CVS commit failure and lock files (under windows with cygwin)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:58:27 -0400

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The file does not seem to exist after the failure, so either
- - it was created, the error occurred, and then it was deleted, or
- - it was not able to be created.

Not sure how to tell which it is.

- -seth

BTW: Is there a short doc on how to use client/server securely from windows
(client) to unix (server) and also to use pcl-cvs for all the above?

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> Subject: Re: CVS commit failure and lock files (under windows with
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> David Marshburn writes:
> >
> > If I may draw this point out slightly (I've had the same problem), can 
> you
> > tell us what CVS would be doing at the time?  In what way does it try
> > to create this lock file?  Is there anything special or different about
> that?
> > Any clue as to what would make this fail?  I believe (from private
> > corresopndence) that Seth is using AFS, as am I.  This is the only case
> > I've found in which AFS fails to correctly create a file.  What I'm
> > looking for is any suggestions or guesses as to what may be different
> > in CVS' case...
> "Lock file" is a bit of a misnomer in this case -- it's actually the new
> RCS file.  RCS uses the existence of the new file to prevent multiple
> updates at the same time and thus accurately calls it a lock file.  CVS
> uses the same terminology even though it uses a completely different
> locking scheme.  It does, however, create the file the same way that RCS
> does so that it will act as a lock against updating the file with RCS
> and CVS at the same time.  (Because of the different locking schemes,
> however, it is extremely dangerous to use RCS on a CVS file.  Since RCS
> doesn't honor CVS's locks, it's possible for CVS to wipe out RCS's
> changes.)
> What makes this error interesting is that *creating* the file is
> apparently successful; it's writing to it afterwards that fails
> somewhere along the way.  If would be interesting to know from one of
> you that has the problem whether the file is actually created and, if
> so, what size it is.  The relevant code is rcs_internal_lockfile() and
> rcs_internal_unlockfile() in src/rcs.c  My guess is that the problem is
> that the file is opened for write, but the permissions are set to read
> only -- that should allow the opened file to be written to but not allow
> any subsequent opens to write to it, but perhaps that doesn't work right
> in AFS.  Alternatively, the permissions of the open file are set
> immediately after opening it (provided your system has the fchmod()
> function); perhaps that has some unusual affect in AFS.
> -Larry Jones
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