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Setting Up CVS to email notifications

From: the_witchman
Subject: Setting Up CVS to email notifications
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:10:54 -0400

I'm reading through "Version Management with CVS (Per Cederqvist)," and I'm
a bit confused how I set up mail notifcations for my end users.

I would like CVS to contact a mail server and send mail from a "CVS_Admin"
account to the "User_In_Question" account when a file is being watched.

>From my reading I understand that I need to create  a file in CVSROOT called
"users" and that I have to put in a line like:

and then uncomment the relevant line in CVSROOT/notify.

Are my assumptions correct?
How do I configure the server to mail from a particular account?
How do I configure the message body of the email?

Exactly how is this working?

Thanks a ton!

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