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cvs_acls, alternatives and patches

From: Volker Apelt
Subject: cvs_acls, alternatives and patches
Date: 18 Sep 2002 11:09:06 +0200
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I'm looking for access control alternatives for 
the contrib tool cvs_acls, which is in 

How is your experience with cvs_acls?
Is it sufficiently fine grained? 
Are there better scripts available?

If I understand  cvs_acls correctly, it has at least
two drawbacks. 
- it doesn't differ directories from files in its 
  permission flags. So anyone who can create a new 
  file can create a new directory, too.
- cvs hands its parameters on the command line 
  to cvs_acls.  So, it can fail if the command line 
  gets to long. 

Some time (?years) ago somebody submitted a patch 
to CVS which changed the parameter input from 
commandline paramters to stdin. 

Is that patch still around? 
Does it still work with the current CVS?

Thank you,


Volker Apelt                   

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